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A recent report presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources cited 92% of Canadians as seeing solar energy as an energy source they would like to see promoted more in Canada. It's not hard to see why. Of all the major power sources in the world, solar energy is the only energy source that has seen its price drop over the past 20 years.

The fact is, as we begin to grapple with the sustainability of nuclear and fossil fuels, solar energy presents a long term and price-stable energy solution for both business and home owners.

At Village Technologies, we have chosen to work with solar energy as a solution for heating space heating and water heating. Projects you may wish to consider for solar heating include:
  • municipal pool heating
  • water heating for multi-unit residential buildings
  • water heating for industrial process applications and commercial kitchens
  • space heating for common areas in multi-unit residential buildings
  • space heating for open industrial or warehouse areas
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