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Municipal needs and renewable energy

As a civic official, CAO, planner or engineer, you understand the pressures of competing needs. You’re responsible for making your community beautiful and liveable. Meanwhile, infrastructure ages every day while costs continue to escalate.

We think we have one solution that can help you manage these pressures.

Like many Canadians, you may view renewable energy as an environmental solution, something that enables you to meet your Kyoto commitments. But we’d like you to think of renewable energy as a business proposition that provides healthy paybacks, significant project IRR’s and facilitates cost containment at a time of escalating energy prices. Increasingly, renewable energy is about ROI, not just GHGs.

The fact is, renewable energy infrastructure is exceptionally scaleable. This means it is very well suited for housing projects, civic centres, pools and municipal buildings and even core, neighbourhood level heating and cooling infrastructure. In fact, solar heating and geothermal heating and cooling systems often experience project paybacks for larger scale installations inside 3-5 years. And because the systems we propose are designed to last for 20-25 years, your municipality is looking at more than a decade of essentially free energy for its buildings.
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