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At Village Technologies, we suspect energy recovery will become a standard compliment to many, if not most, renewable energy upgrades. The fact is, recapturing and reusing the energy already in a building constitutes one of the lowest cost and most effective means of getting the most from your energy dollar.

85-90% of the energy from hot water is wasted when it goes down the drain, or so according to the US Department of Energy. And according to Natural Resources Canada, a typical heat recovery ventilator can be expected to recover 70-80% of the heating or cooling energy of exhaust air in a building, re-circulating it with fresh air drawn from outside, thereby dramatically improving indoor air quality while retaining energy.

Village Technologies has growing expertise in heat recovery. In Ontario, we are the distributor of GFX Drain Heat Recovery technology. This patent-protected technology can recapture and save up to 85% of the lost heat in your building's drain water, out-saving and outperforming any Energy Star appliance or device.

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